Let’s Play Catch-up

by arianne

With so many birthdays and school start ups (and their annoying-there I said it-endless amount of meetings), I’ve got a little bit to update you all on.

First, you should know that at 8:30am the beach is the most gorgeous ever.  The crisp morning air, and the WAVES.  Oh my, never saw Lake Michigan (by our house, anyway) with Pacific ocean like waves.  Being an insomniac doens’t always lend itself towards early morning discoveries, but with both kids gone at least in the morning, baby and I and my husband have a chance to explore during the morning hours for the first time in the 2 years since we moved here from Los Angeles.

Second, my formerly special education oldest child is now in a mainstream (albeit a private school) kindergarten!  I tell the story over here.

Third, in case you don’t follow me on twitter or haven’t heard me talking about it for a while now, I am looking for new job opportunities.  I am your girl if you are looking for marketing/business development/online publishing/writing/branding and more.  My husband is also on the hunt.  So if you need my skills, as well as a handsome MBA who’s a marketing genius and can rock pretty much any job, shoot me an email at arianne [at] tothinkistocreate [dot] com.  Our lives, like so many others, are changing the work paradigm (i.e., man works full time, brings home the bacon to the lovely stay at home mom) that we’ve known well for many years.  It’s a shift, my friends.  But I think it’s a good one, and I’m excited to see what’s just around the corner.

Fourth, I must tell you about the new addition to our family.  It’s the most awesome car seat EVER.  And it’s brand new, just came out.  Check out my experience over here.

Fifth, I don’t have a fifth, but I hate ending lists in an asymmetrical way like “4″.  The number 4 may seem symmetrical, being all even and stuff, but it’s most definitely not.  It just hangs there, waiting for a friend to come give it some closure.

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