Nie Nie Day

by arianne

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It’s ironic, in a sad way, that I was writing about burns and tragedy yesterday.  For, you see I just found out that today is Nie Nie Day, as declared by Design Mom, and Nie Nie Day is in honor of Stephanie of Nie Nie Dialogues.  On August 16, 2008, Stephanie and her husband Christian were in a very serious private plane crash in Arizona.  Christian suffered burns over 30% of his body, and Stephanie’s body is burned over 80%.

I can’t even imagine the pain and suffering, not to mention just being away from your children (and for them to be away from you) for the amount of time that these two sweet people will have to endure.

As part of Nie Nie Day, many bloggers are hosting silenct auctions to raise money for the Nielsons.  Of course at Ruby & Roja we wanted to participate, so go here to bid on a Plush Design Package.  Also be sure to read the post at Design Mom today, to check out all the other amazing bloggers coming together, rallying around and helping a “man down”.

May God bless them immensely with all this bloggy love.

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