Allow me if you will

by arianne

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I’m so in love with my camera family, that I just have to post some pictures for you.  Do you mind?

These were taken at a recent day at the Lincoln Park Zoo, which is like the best place ever.  I wish I lived next door.

We all had a big family outing because this guy was in town:

He thinks he’s cool because he’s almost 21.  He’ll always be the baby.

This girl is going to have to be locked in her room until she’s 25.  She’s my niece-ling, and first granddaughter.

She came from these two totally average looking people:

She has a special bond with this guy, my middle child, pre-scissor attack (he put his hat on her and then they both posed).

Then we have this guy, my baby, who is not at all photogenic.

He is really good at smiling his way out of any predicament.  Just like his Dad.

Then we have my oldest, who is near impossible to get smiling, especially a natural smile.  He hates photos, but somehow we caught this pic of him smiling.  This face doesn’t happen very often, so we swoon over it something fierce.  The fact that it seems like he’s looking me in the eye, something which is also rare, gives me butterflies.  I could look at this photo all day…

What a day.

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