A Bright And Blurry Window

by arianne

I’ve been really enjoying watching the olympics lately–the exciting endings, heart breaking defeats.  The Phelps effect.  All so beautiful, to see what normal people can do with extraordinary skill, if they put their mind to it.

But even more moving has been to watch the footage of all the mothers of the athletes.  I cry with them, as they see their child win yet another gold, and I cry with them as they hurt for their child who missed their chance and must now live with losing what coule be the most important competition of their life.

I think it all makes me emotional because I imagine my boys doing these feats of greatness, and I can almost feel what it’s like to be the mother of a child who receives such recognition. Gold medal?  Silver or bronze medal?  How proud I would be!

But I also know that my children will be great, no matter if they decide to be Olympians or to be a struggling artist.  If they choose the path of a Starbucks barista or if they join the Peace Corps and go out to save the world. It’s that unconditional love, that we realize now more than ever, that is not always freely given by those you love.  For us, it’s easy.  It’s who we are.

The greatness of spirit that my boys posess means they will be touching lives no matter what their profession, or if they win competitions, awards or accolades.  Changing a life just by being themselves is one of their superpowers now, so I know I can expect that greatness to continue.

As I look out the window of the future, I see a glimpse.  A moment here or there of “oh he will make a great gymnast!” or “He’s definitely going to be a famous writer”, but in the end that window, although gleaming brightly, still stays blurry.  And so I wait with excited anticipation to see which path they choose, knowing I’ll be there for them every step of the way.

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