Even My Eyelashes Are Tired

by arianne

I made it home in one piece, back from the whirlwind weekend at Blogher, exhausted, achy and missing my boys something mad.  I can’t find adequate words to convey my exhaustion, but I also can’t find words to convey my utter joy at how great this trip was.  My partner in crime was good about blogging and telling you all the fabulous details of things we did, so be sure to read her post for all the dish.  I will have tons and tons of pics up on Flickr just as soon as I remember how to move my legs.

I met so many amazing and beautiful and smart people, I can’t say enough to do them all justice.  The Kirtsy chicks are my kind of peeps, Rocks In My Dryer is every bit as charming as you think, I want to put Savvy Auntie in my pocket she’s so tiny and gorgeous, and it was fun to see Dooce wearing purple tights (or panty hose, if you want to get technical).

Smart women make me feel alive.  I love their energy, excitement and commitment to being kind.  The sessions were interesting and the networking was off the charts fabulous.  I will be going through my mountain of biz cards I collected and slowly but surely emailing them all to tell them of their fabulousness.

I’m excited to start the next chapter of this summer, the year, and my life.  What lies around the next corner?  I can’t wait to find out.

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