Spin Me Right Round, Right Round

by arianne

Today I’m running around like a crazy person, trying to dot my i’s and cross my t’s and cover all my bases, in preparation for traveling to Blogher ’08.  Having special needs kids mean that I don’t go out of town hardly ever, and when I do it’s as complex as NASA’s checklist for shuttle take-off.  And right now we are definitely not go for launch.

So as I make my lists and print documents and gather business cards and try to find cold weather clothes for San Francisco in the summer, I imagine how in just a few days that I will be seeing many of you in person.  And those of you who I will not be seeing, I hope you will check in here as I blog straight from the conference, post pictures and share crazy tales.

Thanks again to HP and MoFuse for sending me to Blogher, and don’t forget to enter my Wii giveaway that ends tomorrow night!

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