Gimme Mo, Gimme Wii

by arianne

Blogher ’08 is right around the corner, and I couldn’t possibly be more excited!  The friends, the parties, the information, the swag, and let’s not forget the best part of all: the bed all to myself.  Ooh boy.  I think that I might get lost in those pillows and not ever want to come out.  Room service anyone?

Of course all of this sleeping alone and shmoozing and networking would not be possible if not for my lovely sponsors.  Not only are they lovely, but they are also generous, and in addition to sending me to Blogher they want to give something to you all as well.  You already know that HP is giving away $250 cash to one Blogher attendee (contest ends tonight!), well my other sponsor has something  EVERYONE can enter to win.  Anyone ever heard of a little thing called a Wii?  No?  Ok, nevermind.

YES I’m giving away a Wii gaming system, right here friends.  NO I cannot win this myself.  Hmmpf. is sponsoring this fantastic prize, and I want you to know all about them.  They are the newest way (and one of the most popular) to mobilize your blog.  Why is mobilizing awesome and important?  If you’ve ever looked at your blog on a mobile device you’ll know why.  Most blogs are a big clunky mess when viewed on your palm or blackberry, and it’s difficult (or impossible) to read them efficiently.  MoFuse turns your blog into a mobile, easy to read version (for free!), so that your readers will want to visit you even while on the go.  You just put a widget on your blog and you’re good to go.  Any time a mobile user stops by they will be able to read your content without any fuss, so the goal is for increased readership in addition to more accessible content.  Plus, MoFuse has a program where you could put ads on your blog if you were into that kind of thing, so really mobilization is just the first step.  Go to MoFuse to check them out, open your free account if you’re as thrilled about them as I am, and keep in mind their awesome sponsorship and generous giveaway for an idea of how much they appreciate all our bloggy business.

Ok, so how can you win the Wii? Well since I’m shopping for Blogher this week, I’m in need of some shoe ideas.  Leave me a comment on this post with your favorite shoe store or brand (and be more creative than just “Zappos” or “Piperlime”, even though of course we all love them!) and you are entered to win. Just a comment and you are good to go.  You can earn one extra entry if you Twitter or post on your blog about this contest, so let me know in the comments if you do so.  Contest runs until the day before I leave for Blogher, Wednesday July 16th.  Winner will be picked at random.  Void where prohibited (see all the rules here).

Good luck, and thanks again to HP and!

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