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by arianne

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This week has been incredible.  I know everything happens for a reason, and the timing of things is perfect, and so I wondered why in one week, two big bloggers wanted me to guest post on their blogs about my life.  Not wondering in a questioning way, just in a curious way.  It is more than an honor to be asked, to imagine that these people think my writing worthy of their personal space.  But more importantly, I’m thrilled they wanted to know about my life.  They asked questions hoping to learn more about what it’s like to be a mom of autism, and I can’t thank them enough.

It’s still surreal to me, that this disorder, these boys and their souls and struggles, are a mystery to others.  What is my day to day, never escaping except for a few moments here and there, reality, is completely unknown to most people.  So many people still don’t even know what autism is.  I am profoundly grateful for these bloggers to allow me to share once more about my life, my boys.  Our world.

I am guest posting over at Rocks In My Dryer today.  Shannon asked me to write about “what I wish you knew” and it was a cathartic experience for me.  I did not realize that the post and the resulting comments would be propping me up so much today.  I did not realize I needed them, each and every one of those people–most total strangers, and their kind words, to get me through yet another day or week.  Thank you Shannon, again, for the honor.

If you have not yet read my post at I Should Be Folding Laundry, please head over there and read it, or even if you did please head back and read the comments.  People are incredible, and I think their humanity and beautiful spirits could bless you today as well.

I so often wonder if writing about my boys is too much, if you all are tired of hearing about it.  I don’t know really what is interesting, I only share what is on my heart and what makes up my world.  To see the support not only today on these other blogs, but daily from all of you is humbling and awe-inspiring, and truly what this community is all about.  Thank you.

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