Another Decade

by arianne

Ever since yesterday’s post “I Get Lost“, I’ve had that song in my head.  Debbie Gibson.  1989.  I get weak, in a glance…

The 80′s.  I can’t get enough.  Walk like an Egyptian, Manic Monday.  Hot pink and black.  80′s mod clothing.  Atari. Bon Jovi with the hair.

I love it all.  It’s not like I want to start hair-spraying my bangs straight up again or wearing shoulder pads, but today’s version of the 80′s.  I’m slightly obsessed.

My friends make fun of me.  I think I may be alone in this love.

However, when I decorate my home (well, in my head at least…) it’s all mid-century modern, 60′s and 70′s mod.  Eames, simplistic, black, orange, white, brown.  Vintage.  It makes me swoon.

So where am I?  I’m stuck somewhere, or perhaps not stuck but happily resting, and I wonder who’s there with me.

Where are you?

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