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One thing that I find utterly fascinating, which I’m sure most of you all *don’t*, is writing about writing.  Blogging about blogging.  Talking about what to talk about.  It’s all so very Seinfeld, and often quite hilarious (again, probably just to me).

I’m guest posting over at Jo-Lynne’s home, Musings of a Housewife today, talking about what I want to talk about.  Or something.

It got me thinking about what specifically inspires me to write, to blog.  What inspires you?

Some days it’s a funny thing my child said, like yesterday when my son was attempting to insult his brother and said “Charlie only likes pretties, and I like awesomes”.  That kid cuts deep, I tell ya.  Or when I was perplexed by repeated phone calls from Direct TV telling me they were coming to my house for an upgrade, and when they never arrived I found out they went to my mom’s house (figure that one out for me, because I can’t).

Other times it’s a look in my baby’s eye, that little sparkle that tells me he loves me.  Or the intriguing way his tiny teeth push through the gums, one by one, ever so slowly (goodness are they slow).  Onlly a tiny white speck peeking out on some, others quietly bulging waiting their inevitable turn.

Those things remind me of life.  Of beauty.  Miracles.

Most of the time I don’t plan out my posts unless there’s a burning topic I can’t wait to share.  Or a giveaway (finally tomorrow I will be posting a biggy!).  Typically I go with what moves me in the moment, perhaps a stunning photo I accidentally took of someone or something, and it sends me off on a thought process of just how important my family is to me.  Or how funny life can be.  Or how awesome blogging about blogging really is.

I like to think if Seinfeld had a blog he’d be talking about blogging.  And it’d be genius.  But he wouldn’t have the baby sparkle.  That’s one thing I have that he doesn’t.  That and the never ending laundry pile, but still.

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