Friends of a feather

by arianne

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Have you ever had so much fun that you had to literally physically recover from the brain?  Today I’m moving like an 80 year old woman.  Prying my eyes open and propelling my aching body out of bed was such a feat that I’m kind of offended that I didn’t get a medal for achieving it.  What a weekend.

Saturday started our Mama Speaks getaway, where BossLady Ashlee treated Steph and I (the only writers who could attend) to treatments at the spa including a one hour Swedish massage and citrus hand and foot treatments.  Oh.  Magosh.  Incredible.  My first ever massage, and let’s just say it was the first of many (do you hear me, dear husband?).  We laughed, we bonded even more, we wore warm lavender mitts:

We noticed all the funny chotckes, like a cat with a suit on holding a cello, a frog candelabra, and a Victorian poodle with a wig on who honestly looked a little melancholy:

Afterwards there we painted a tree of life on Steph’s pregnant belly, ate yummy Popeye pizza and watch a sweet movie before heading off to dreamland.  Sunday brought nothing but lies and laughter and the biggest surprise I’ve ever been a part of. Eliciting faces like these:

But you can read all about that over here.  Amazing, exhausting, uplifting and some of the most fun I’ve ever had.  Ever.

I hope all of you are blessed to be surrounded by people who you love and love you back.  And at the very least, I hope you run off and get a chotchke or two.  The conservation of Victorian poodles depends on it.

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