by arianne

My 3yo is destined to be an artist in some way, and one of his many gifts is his way with words.   A writer in training?  I would love it. Because, if you combine his attitude with his intuitive and creative nature–well, be prepared for an adventure into the English language.

Just today, we’ve witnessed the following:

After a discussion about chipmunks eating nuts he said, “What is it I said again?  Oh yeah, I want to give chickenmonks coconuts.”.

Then a little while ago, after talking about looking up wasps on the internet, and he said, “What?!  We could look up anything?  Even monkey butts??!!!!!”.

After meeting a new friend at the park called Armando, he insisted on calling him “Golden”, instead.  Maybe he knew something about “Armando” that we didn’t know?

No matter what crazy thing is coming out of his mouth, it’s sure to entertain and sure to be dunked in a good bath of attitude and self importance.  Let’s not forget the legendary applesauce conversation or the fact that when he’s older he will grow a beard and not listen to me.  I can hardly wait.

What funny thing did your children say today?

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