Happy Dad’s day: You know you rock

by arianne

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Today is a special day, and even though our family will be celebrating on a day when my own dad is back in town, I still want to take today to thank my dad, and my children’s dad (who I happen to also have been married to for 10 years), for being who they are. For being amazing examples of padres fantasticos (shout out to my husband’s lonely Spanish degree, that sits in a box somewhere and will never be used).

The Age of Autism posted a perfect tribute, that says exactly how I feel, and which I dedicate to my husband and my dad:

To the Grandfathers who donate their time and money and knowledge to help their grandchildren…

To the men who hold onto their child during a meltdown – while Mom grabs the activated charcoal. To the men who miss T-ball and soccer practices, instead going to speech therapy and social skills groups

Read more at the link, and also don’t miss the awesome comments. They also posted this very moving ad from National Autism Association, spreading the idea of recovery from autism so well:

Also, my sister posted about my dad, completely perfect I can’t possibly follow it, so you might as well just go read her post and know that I mean every word of it as well.

Happy father’s day to you all, and thanks to my dad and my husband for being amazingly patient and kind and wise and cheesy. Carni’s rule.

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