Fifty Things I Like About Myself

by arianne

Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows that yesterday was a hard day for me. Well, I got it all out at my other blog (please go and read all about it here), and so I figured I’d keep myself focused on the positive today here at Chez To Think.

I saw Deb twitter this post, and was intrigued.  Could I really think of 50 things I liked about myself?  It’s certainly a daunting task judging by how difficult life has been for me lately.  I decided that forcing myself to write this post may just possibly smack me out of The Wallowing, and that can only be a good thing.  So, without further adieu…

Fifty Things I Like About Myself

1.  I can express myself well through writing.

2.  I’m tech savvy.

3.  I have a wicked sense of humor.

4.  It is utterly impossible for me to be fake.

5.  I walk to the beat of a different drummer.

6.  That beat is most likely coming from an indie rock band.

7.  I’m opened minded.

8.  So I have no problem questioning my own beliefs, thereby making them stronger.

9.  I love the 80′s.  Music.  Colors.  Jazz hands.  But not shoulder pads.

10.  I care about the Earth, and preserving it the best we can.

11.  I do not ever give up when it comes to recovering my kids from autism.

12.  I am passionate.

13.  This passion sometimes ruffles feathers.

14.  I am creative.

15.  I love to paint on canvas.

16.  I love to take pictures.

17.  I am a really good friend.

18.  I can make people laugh pretty easily.

19.  I am dorky.

20.  I am curvy.

21.  I don’t like gossip.

22.  Especially among church people.

23.  I have weird hair.

24.  I think it’s fun to have weird hair.

25.  I have given birth at home twice.

26.  I am a hard worker.

27.  When I want to be.

28.  I don’t mind admitting my faults.

29.  I love easily.

30.  I am forgiving.

31.  I have a good sense of style.

32.  I hate laundry.

33.  And cleaning floors.

34.  I have a crazy strong intuition.

35.  Which means I am a little freakish.

36.  I fly my freak flag proudly.

37.  I love wine and cheese.

38.  I have blue gray eyes.

39.  My Lego Indiana Jones playing skills are legen. dary.

40.  I have three gorgeous children.

41.  They get their tenacity from me.

42.  I am compassionate.

43.  I love to dance.

44.  I have rythm.

45.  And some moves.

46.  I know when to keep those moves to myself.

47.  I have a gorgeous husband.

48.  I have a strong faith in God.

49.  I know He is all I need.

50.  I know me.

Want to try this experiment?  It’s harder than you think.  I’d love to see your 50 things.  If you participate, please leave your link in the comments here on this post, so we can all come visit you and your blog and laugh and cry along with you.

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