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by arianne

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When I get tagged for a meme, I have a hard time thinking of things you all don’t already know about me.  I’m nothing if not a big mouth with a tiny filter, so most everything I am and what makes me “me”, spills out to you poor readers.

So, when Jen at The EcoChic Urban Organizer tagged me for 6 random things, I figured I’d just tell you whatever pops into my head as I type.  You’ve been warned.

1.  Last night my son brought me a dripping cup full of what I thought was water and placed it in my hand.  Then said “I caught my pee pee all by myself” and beamed proudly.  We’ve had to test their pee each morning, so he thought he was being super helpful.  As I forced a smile and walked to the sink with dropplets dripping down my hand and arm I decided that moms of girls don’t get to experience this same kind of fun.

2.  This morning when I woke up I discovered that my baby had puked at some point in the night and neither one of us had noticed.  There we lay, both covered in it, along with the bed, pillow, blankets, etc.  Try not to be jealous.

3.  Tomorrow morning the huz and I leave for Washington D.C. to march in the Green Our Vaccines rally.  I’m beyond excited, emotional and anxious.  I can’t wait to post pics and tell you all how it went.

4.  I only like swimsuits that have a tiny skirt.  One piece or two piece, it has to have that at the bottom.  Not giganitic mumu type skirts, but just a little.  I can’t stand the place where the swimsuit meets my booty.

5.  Lately I have a passion for mustard that goes beyond logic.  Favorite snack last night was melted mozzarella on chips and dipping them in mustard.  You know you want some.

6.  My friends keep me a float when I’m literally going bald from pulling out my hair hormonal changes.  This post reflects how I feel exactly (and shows me at my most glamorous).

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