The needle and the damage done: A guest post by Adventures In Babywearing

by arianne

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**While I’m on my way to D.C. for the rally, please enjoy and give comment love to this guest post from Stephanie at Adventures in Babywearing.**

I remember many years ago when my middle son Carter was just a baby, a friend at church had told me she didn’t vaccinate her kids. She didn’t say why, and I’m not even sure why it was even brought up, but I remember feeling a little appalled. And I asked our pediatrician about it right away. I had never heard of not vaccinating. I didn’t know there was an option. And the doctor assured me in some way that what my friend was doing was wrong, and what I was doing was right. And I never thought about it again.

Until Carter had a horrible reaction after his 1 year shots. He was listless and vomiting and very sick. I asked the doctor if it could be from his vaccinations, since he had just had them that day, and I was assured that it most certainly was not. And I didn’t think about it again.

Months later our oldest son Noah began having unexplained seizures. It was a time where nothing made sense. Nothing. Not the seizures. Not what the doctors were suggesting or not suggesting. Not having our phone calls returned. Not having help. Not having answers. Not having a cure.

We had done a little research on our own, with little bits here and there feeding us just enough to survive. We had one son with seizures and no explanation and had no idea if it would happen to Carter. We found that if there was a seizure history in the family, that a child could be more susceptible to seizures with a vaccination. So right then we decided to pause vaccinations on both boys until we knew more.

Slowly, as we were still searching for answers to Noah’s increasing seizures- over 200 per day and now requiring him to wear a helmet- we found other families like us. With children having the same problems. The same strange seizures and symptoms. A common factor in all of our stories was vaccinations and time of vaccination. We gathered all of Noah’s vaccine records and found that some of his vaccines were manufactured back in 1999- before thimerosal was removed. We calculated how much mercury exposure he must have gotten and it was extremely high. 50 times as much as declared safe with the FDA.

Another parent with a child like Noah recommended David Kirby’s book Evidence Of Harm. I checked it out from the library and remember reading in shock, through tears, stories like ours. And I never ever thought about vaccinations in the same way again. I felt betrayed. I felt ashamed. Like I should have known better. But I had no idea. No one had ever talked to me about the possible dangers. I thought I was doing what was best for my child, but never once thought to research it on my own.

Thankfully my husband was on the exact same page as I was. This led us to much more research. If we weren’t going to vaccinate, what were our options? What happens if our child gets the measles? Could they go to school? We wanted to be armed with all the information we could find. It took a bit of re-training our minds to stop thinking we had to “obey” what the doctors said and we soon found how liberating it was to go out on our own and think for ourselves.

We switched to a pediatrician that would support our choice to not vaccinate. We continue to stay up to date on all the latest facts and studies about vaccinations and not just about the dangers of mercury, but the other harmful ingredients as well. We know myths from facts. It is not a decision we made lightly or out of fear. It is one of the most important decisions you may make for your children. We feel what we are doing is right for our family.

A helpful resource that we still turn to is Dr. Sherry Tenpenny’s DVD- Vaccines: The Risks, The Benefits, The Choices. This DVD has assured us what would realistically happen if we or our child were to get a certain disease and how to treat it. If you want to selectively vaccinate, this is also very helpful in deciding which vaccines are not necessary.

Of course after all the experience and knowledge we now have, I do not feel any vaccine is necessary. Even if a vaccine was all “greened up” and toxin free, I’d still not choose to vaccinate my child. But, for every child that will still be vaccinated, they deserve to have a toxin-free vaccination. Green those vaccines!

If you feel vaccinations are best for your child, then please consider delaying until your child is older, separating them, or selectively vaccinating. At least be armed with all the facts and base your decision on your own research. Asking your doctor simply is not enough. I learned that the hard way. Whatever you decide, do not choose this controversial topic to be the one you to which you say, “Ignorance is bliss.”

If you have questions about your state’s laws and attending school, you can find more information here.

Read more about what Stephanie has said in the past about vaccines here and Noah’s story here at Adventures In Babywearing. And read Ashlee’s story here at Mama’s Nest.

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