Green our vaccines: The prelude

by arianne

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So tomorrow we are on our way. My hubs and I will head to the airport ALONE to fly to Washington D.C., with only CARRY ON BAGS. You parents know what a big deal that is. The one bag we will have that we don’t normally have is my artist portfolio, which will contain our two large foam board signs with the carefully picked words we (and by we I mean my sister) painted on. On the reverse side we are gluing pictures of our boys with autism, and we will carry these signs the whole 1.5mile march. I wrote about the rally and it’s purpose over at Chicago Moms Blog here today.

It’s a big deal for us to leave the kids overnight, the routines and schedules and all the rest are very difficult for anyone else to take over, if even for one day.

But we had to go.

This rally will be the day when parents are given a voice. And with that voice we will stand up for so many children who don’t have a voice. For the kids who are injured and who slipped away from this world literally and figuratively. For the future children who are on a path to be harmed. We march for us, for them, and for us all.

In my previous post where I showed you the pic of me with Jenny McCarthy I mentioned that she and I had a moment to talk about this rally. I told her that as a parent, she was a huge inspiration to me. She travels around and around to venue after venue, tv show to tv show talking about this issue. The issue of vaccine safety. She’s not working, not acting, just spreading the word. She sincerely and genuinely cares deeply about this issue, just like so many of us at home that would never get the ear of Larry King or Oprah. Naysayers like to continually bring up her sordid past, but I fail to see its relevance. If my current opinion and intelligence were to be based on choices I made when I was younger I would be in big trouble, as I’m sure would many of you, my dear readers.

I also told Jenny that this rally will be a turning point in the cause of vaccine awareness. Not that she needed the affirmation, but she agreed and told me that it will literally be a historic rally. The huge thousands of people that are coming will be making a statement. We’ll be telling the government that they need to stop and listen, telling them to look out, because now we’re organized. We’ll be putting them on notice that a flood is coming. The dam is breaking.

And we won’t keep quiet any more.

Look for us on the news. Tell your friends to look for us on the news (entice them by telling them they’ll see Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey). Blog about what you see and hear and feel.

And if you’re in the D.C. area come join us in making history, one step at a time.

**Come back tomorrow for a special guest post that will keep you entertained (and most likely wiping away tears) while I’m away.

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