by arianne

How about I lighten it up a little ’round these parts this weekend?  I still have plenty of things to keep sharing about my time at the Autism One conference, so stay tuned, but this weekend I’m thinking about memories.  I hope to get off this computer soon and go make some of my own (we finally have some gorgeous weather!).  I think a kiddie pool and a Snoopy machine snow cone is in my future.

Thinking about memories made me realize what I needed to get for my dad and my husband for father’s day.  Not a goofy tie or an iPhone (you wish, hun), but something that would matter.  Something they’d remember next year and the year to come.

I wrote about what I got them over here, so come on over and visit if you’re needing some great gift ideas, and check in with us at Mama Speaks next week for the upcoming Father’s Day Gift Guide awesomeness!

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