Overdue: Three tales of being late

by arianne

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Sam at Temporarily Me is overdue with her baby, and Karen Sugarpants has organized us all to tell our own overdue stories in an effort to lessen the agony of having to wait on.more.minute. for Sam’s baby to come out.

All three of my boys came after their due date. My first son put me into labor on Labor Day (he’s so clever) but decided to take a full 43 hours to come out, so he was late and also gets credit for making me slightly lose my mind. My third son was two days late, but since I had been on bed rest for 3 weeks due to a split pelvis, I consider every day after 37 weeks a day into the red. I was using the breast pump regularly to stimulate labor, tried homeopathic remedies and “labor lotion” and even tried castor oil a couple times (which every pregnant mama knows, you don’t GO THERE unless you are really desperate). Baby still was two days late in the end, but came out in just 2 hours, so he kinda wins for the Best Make It Up To My Mama labor.

Then we have my second son. Who was TEN days late. Why he felt the need to take his sweet time while I sweltered away the summer months in Los Angeles, I do not know. Maybe he knew he’d never sleep once he was born and was trying to get in the extra zzz’s. Maybe he was delaying things hoping he’d not have to actually come out–as if we’d just give up and say “fine, let him have his way”. That same just-wait-out-the-old-people-and-you-will-get-your-way mentality persists today. I wish I could say it didn’t work.

In the end, an old wive’s tale of taking jaegermeister during labor (for the valerian in it…yeah that’s it) ended up making it an easy 5 hour labor and he was born at home in a birth pool with nary a whimper. He just came up from the water and looked at me and said “heh.” And I couldn’t agree more.

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