A Sign Of Things To Come

by arianne

Most people think that boys are more difficult when they’re small, and girls are harder when they’re teenagers. I sometimes wonder if my boys didn’t get that memo, and are already practicing for their teen angst professional eye roll competitions.

Last week my 3yo son told me that when he’s older he will “have a beard and not listen to me anymore“, while looking at me with a scowl and pointing his tiny finger in my face. He’s also a comic, because if what he does now is called “listening”, then I’m in for a long road of pulling my hair out and shopping at WineLibrary.

Then yesterday my 5yo son was getting exasperated with me and my insistence that he wear clothes and eat food (I’m so mean), so I explained to him what his options were for doing what I asked. When I was done, he literally rolled his eyes, did a face palm, and said, “that doesn’t even make sense! are you nuts?!“.

I know my boys are really smart, so I try to remind myself that I’m actually happy they are too clever to just do what they’re asked without question. I know that one day these things will be an asset to them. I just wish they’d wait to stick it to The Man, and leave The Mom alone.

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