Mnemonic Devices Always Win

by arianne

We have a winner! After a record breaking (well, for my humble blog…) 537 comments, we have our two winners.

The winner of the set of 5 Envirosax bags was picked by to be #49, QueenB who said “These are great! We have a car wash business and are in the process of putting in a water reclamation system to cut down our water consumption by 80%. And at home we recycle everything possible!”


The winner of the single Envirosax bag was picked by me for having the most witty, funny or otherwise impressive comment, and that person is Lace, because I’m a sucker for mnemonic devices. She said:

We have the ugly 99c. store brand bags and they are not cute in any way and they are huge even when folded. I would love some cute bags that fold up small.

G ave up plastic water bottles
R ide my bike
E at organic when I can
E liminated paper plates
N o toxic cleaners

That’s impressive, no?

Congrats to both winners!

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