Trials Bring Hope

by arianne

Last night as my 3yo woke up yet again from an itchy, bleeding, eczema back, I did my usual routine of putting cream on him and attempting to calm him down. As I was gently rubbing in the cream, massaging his back, and talking him down from the cliff of agony, I could feel his body relax.

I got him snuggled back into his bed and under the covers and kissed him goodnight, telling him that I had to go help his baby brother.

Before I got up to leave, he said in the most sad little voice ever, “can you say a widdle prayah fo me mommy?

If you think my heart melted into a little puddle right then and there, you’re not wrong.

I prayed for him, asking God to heal his back, to help him stay asleep, and to help him be brave. As I finished the prayer, I noticed he had already fallen asleep before I finished the prayer.

As I left, I said another prayer…I thanked God for these sweet moments, for even though they seem so difficult at times, they can still pierce our hearts and create memories that last a lifetime. He can turn any trial into a meaningful moment, and I can’t tell you how much hope that brings me.

We will heal, we will be at peace, and we will be brave.

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