Vote for my caption, then forget you ever saw it

by arianne

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I don’t usually participate in Caption It! contests because I’m rarely as funny as most of the participants, and I just basically feel like I never win so why bother when you can sit home and sulk.  Am I right?

However, this day will go down in history as the first time I became a finalist in a Caption It! contest, and it’s one of Mrs. Fussypants’ contests, no less.

The photo is so funny that I couldn’t resist, but it’s too gross for me to put on my blog for the world to see when the internetz visit.  BUT, I want you all to vote for my caption, and of course you have to see the photo to be able to vote.

So…Click HERE.  Try not to be jealous.  Or traumatized.  Then go HERE and vote for my caption which is:

“I’m so bummed jazzercise was cancelled.”–To Think

Please vote!  I don’t know what the prize is, or if there even is one, but MY LANDS do I suddenly feel competitive and WANT. TO. WIN.

Apologies to those with heart problems or a love of leotards.  There’s also a hilarious short little video to watch at Fusssypants’ site after you vote.  It will cleanse the palate, so go watch.

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