Keeping it real

by arianne

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Yesterday on Twitter, I promised some folks I’d show a picture of my house in it’s natural state. While I’m not thrilled about this idea, I also feel like we are too hard on ourselves (especially women, we’re experts at guilt), trying to “have it all together”, and I want to show you one normal house from one normal family that most definitely does not have it all together.

I think we sometimes start thinking that we’re the only ones struggling to live up to the *Martha* standard, and that everyone else is a better wife, husband, housekeeper, mother, father, friend than we are. We forget that NO, everyone else just cleans up like mad the second before you arrive at their home. Fo rizzle.

So here’s my effort to make you all feel a lot better about yourselves:

You’re welcome.

I wish I could say that this is not the normal state, but it is like this more often than not. We cleaned up after this, but it got cluttered again quickly, and despite my constant sweeping, my floors will never be clean for long. And please don’t look at the windows, or try to look out the windows, because you will regret it. Trust me on this.

You wanna shed the mystique and keep it real too? Don’t be scared.

Edited to add: This is really a lot like Sweetney’s Truthiness mission statement about showing our true selves, which I participated in and loved. I decided to start a Flickr pool, and if you want to take a pic of one of your living spaces in it’s raw and un-picked up state I would be over the moon about it. Or you can post about it and leave us a link in the comments to come check you out. The Flickr pool is called Where I Live: Fo’ Realz. Come check us (well, it’s just me right now…) out!

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