Mr Clippy Wants To Help

by arianne

Today was one of those days where the sun was actually shining, yet I still couldn’t get my act together enough to make it count, get work done, and go play with the ladybugs. Or maybe I could, but I’m never left alone long enough to get the chance to try and be productive. We cleaned as a family, but it took bribing and it took all day.

Writing under these circumstances is rarely a good idea, because it will come out like this:

…so. Um, hai. What r u doin right nowz? I’m staring out the window. Don’t un-subscribe. Kthxbai.

So, on this fine weekend day, when about two of you are reading, I figure I’ll leave you with the most annoying character ever. Mr Clippy from my Word program. Don’t you just want to smack him every time he pops up and acts all helpy??

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