Best Shot Monday: Dusting Off Our Concert Tee’s

by arianne

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Last week I was able to get out of the house (aw, yeah!) and head to a concert downtown with my friend Stephanie. We stood for about an hour and a half, shoulder to shoulder with 75 other people, watching a sliver of a girl’s head (it’s all I could see) perform absolutely incredible music. I am hitting the 30 year mark in a week (thanks for stealing my thunder, Easter), and am feeling the best I have…pretty much *ever* felt. Spiritually, emotionally, physically, it’s all coming together lately.

However, going to this concert definitely was not like my concert shenanigans of yesteryear. We arrived and realized A Fine Frenzy did not come out for a while, so instead of watching the opening act we decided to be wild and crazy and eat dinner. Then we walked to our spot near the stage, listened to the melodies (no drinks!) and headed out before it was over. It was a fun night, and before dashing out of the tavern I held up the camera to snap a pic of our night. It was supposed to have the singer in the background, and…ahem…both our faces in it. Instead we got this, but I love it anyway. That lady on the right has a bun in the oven and the guy behind her likes plaid. It’s great to feel old, but it’s the good kind of old. The kind where you enjoy your smile lines and wonder when your family got so incredibly large. Contentment is cool.

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