Sheepish and Random

by arianne



**Jonah and I, tired and feeling sheepish…

So tired, so busy. Just enough energy to give you a list of randomness for the day…

  • On Monday I woke up in bed not remembering how I got there, and had on my jeans, ugg boots, glasses, everything. I wish it was something more exciting than just falling asleep on the couch and at some point stumbling upstairs into bed with my nursing bebe, but I’m old, and it’s not.
  • My mom’s new favorite word is “trannie”.
  • I’m in the process of moving my blog over to WordPress, and will have a whole new look very soon. Woot!
  • My kids have started to say “oh snap!” about everything. And I have no idea where who they got it from.
  • My picture was in the paper (an ad for my other blog) and I didn’t even know it. Two minutes after receiving a copy of it, someone accidentally set it on fire. During the melee, I burned off the hair on my pinky finger. I didn’t need that hair anyway.
  • My baby only poops every 2 weeks. That’s 2, maybe 3 times per month. Seriously. Breastmilk rocks.
  • I’m talking about wishing I could bottle joy over at Stop Looking At Me today.

I would to like see a random comment from you…the more random the better!

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