I’m alive

by arianne

We seemed to be running wildly into the weekend today, we are seriously such a pack of crazies. I lingered a little too long at playgroup this morning, and came screeching home to discover the school bus sitting out front our house, with its doors wide open. Oops.

I was on my phone and hurriedly told my husband I had to go. Later I noticed that instead of ending the call, I accidentally took a picture. I chucked the phone to the passengers seat, yelled to Charlie “RUN!” and off he and I went, running to catch the bus. Good thing he’s super fast at getting out of the car seat all alone, or he would’ve missed the Big Yellow Awesomeness.

Sometimes I wonder if he likes the bus ride more than school. Its a toss up.

Anyway, here’s the pic:

To me, its hilarious, because that pic pretty much represents not only my house, but also my mind lately. Frantic, cock-eyed, but still sunny and bright. I’ve been feeling lately like maybe, just maybe, good things are in our future and things might be coming together for us. Its been hard accepting that our second son is most likely Autistic (Really, God? You gave us two like this? Note to self, remind God that I’m a basket case.), but I can’t help but see the silver lining in all this. We’ve been through all this once already, we can pretty much own this parenting-an-Autisic-child thing now, if we choose.

Life isn’t actually coming together just yet, but I can feel the hope. Its in my bones. I think its hope, anyway. It could also possibly be the veggie chips crunching underneath me on the couch, getting into every inch of me, but let’s stick with hope for now.

Feeling hope is amazing, and I don’t want to ever stop feeling this way. Check out this video from FlyLeaf. I love this video, because its an awesome example of this hope thing I’m feeling (and an example of how I sooo wish I could have my hair).

I’m alive, and it rocks.

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