Throwback Thursday: Remembering

by arianne

This week’s Throwback Thursday is bittersweet. We all leave tomorrow to head to AZ (all 5 of us! ack!) to attend funeral services for my husband’s great grandmother (“Greatma”). The picture above is of us with her the Christmas after we got married 9 years ago.

I have no idea why I was pretending to be a ghost (what is up with the blinding white skin??), but I am quite fond of my Gwyneth-Paltrow-in-”Sliding-Doors” hair. Also, I think my husband looks about 15 in this picture.

This was the last time that Greatma was really “with us”, because shortly after that Christmas she slipped into dementia. She stopped talking, and stopped even acting like she recognized anyone. You see, the year before, she had lost her beloved Charlie (my eldest son’s namesake), husband of 70 (yes seventy!) years. She had eloped with him when she was 17, and never really knew life without him. She spent the rest of that year depressed before ultimately checking out of this life, mentally. She was finally reunited with Charlie, in heaven, last Saturday, a few hours before the 10th anniversary of his death.

This picture is the whole family (hubby’s side…we are on the left), with Greatma, the matriarch, standing in the front.

We will celebrate her life with all our family this weekend, and remember the love story she shared not only with God, but also with her Charlie.

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