So Wild.

by arianne

One of my husband’s and my favorite shows right now is “Man Vs. Wild” on The Discovery Channel. If you haven’t yet seen this awesome show and its courageous host, you are truly missing out. The premise of the show is that the host (Bear Grylls) is dropped (literally, usually out of a plane) into any and all of the most inhospitable areas in the world, and he has to survive and make his way to civilization in 5 days or less with only a water bottle, a knife, a flint and the clothes on his back (though sometimes he only has his clothes).The best part is that its not just about surviving, its about extreme surviving. Bear has a passion for teaching people what to do in the event they find themselves in a live or die situation, so he will re-create these situations and put himself through holy heck to show viewers how its done. We are constantly watching with our jaws hanging open as he willingly flings himself into a freezing lake in the Arctic to teach you how to get out and not die, as he climbs down a waterfall without plunging to his death, and as he eats almost anything and everything (termites, frogs, fish, grubs, rabbit, and most things are eaten raw when he can’t make a fire). He is the Steve Irwin of the survival world.

Here’s a short list of Bear’s to do’s:

Take your clothes off in the Alaskan tundra then “dry off” with snow? Check.
Fashion a bow and arrow out of trees and then use it to spear piranhas? Check.
Pee on your shirt then wrap it around your head to keep yourself cool? Check.

You haven’t really lived until you’ve uttered Bear’s famous line: “The only thing I can do is drink my own pee”. And he does. Oh yes. He does.

I started wondering what makes Bear tick. Why is he so hard core? As I was researching him, I discovered that he’s more than just a pretty face with a British accent. He has overcome some pretty hard core things in life (broke his back in three places during a parachute jump gone wrong), and he’s also a family man (married with two sons). Oh and he also hold the Guinness world record as the youngest climber to reach the summit of Everest and return alive. Not too shabby.

Learning about Bear’s life and philosophies (see pics and videos on his website here) has made the show that much more enjoyable. I can’t wait to see what Bear will do next!

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