Butterflies, Baby.

by arianne

Today my baby, my last baby, is a whopping 2 months old. Time has really sped past me at the speed of light this time around. It seems like it was just yesterday we picked him up out of the water and held his little peaceful face to my chest. He was in full-on marsupial mode, and his legs wrapped around hubby’s arm like a monkey (which is not a marsupial at all, is it?).


Nowadays baby and I spend our days together kickin it in the sling, nursing or just staring at each other. He is my happiest baby yet, smiling gigantic grins that could melt glaciers. When I see his smiles, see his one dimple and see the look in his eyes when he sees me, I get massive butterflies. Every. Time. Even thinking about it makes my heart grow another size bigger.


The way God has made little tiny babies to be so giving with their love, amazes me. Its not all just instinct, its the kind of love that is only spiritual. No matter what you believe, babies are absolute miracles.


Happy 2nd month-day, baby Jonah!


**Also a miracle? How babies can go from happy as a clam, to lip-sticking-out hysterically crying, in under 2 seconds flat.

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