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As I was preparing the Throwback Thursday post today, I was looking at various pictures of hubby and I back when we got married. I was only 20, he was 21. We were so young! And thin! And had no idea what was in store for us! This point was driven home even more-so when I started looking at some pics I took of us last night. Here’s us in the here and now:

I made them black and white to be a little kinder to our complexions, but you can tell we are older (compare to the honeymoon pic HERE). MUCH older. I realize no one but us will probably see what I’m seeing when I compare the pictures. Why does it seem like we look more than 10 years older? Of course, I’m not near as svelte as I was in my pre-baby days, and hubby’s hairline has changed a little, but its more than that. Its the wear and tear of life that you can see in our faces. The laugh lines and the pain-filled wrinkles. The joy of having 3 boys, and the agony we’ve experienced as parents as we try to figure out why exactly God chose us to raise an Autistic child, and how to go about helping him be the best he can be. Figuring out how to create a world for our non-special needs children that isn’t “all about” their brother. Its hard and it kicks our butt every day.

I guess you could also say the aging looks more than 10 years because we’ve probably been through so much more than many people experience in 10 years. Or do all people think that?

The pictures also helped me realize that we aren’t showing enough of the joy we have in our lives, in our faces. I don’t mean expression, I mean the kind of joy that just exudes from your skin. It can’t be contained, and we need to let it rip. The hubs and I are astounded each and every day at the blessings we’ve been given.

Maybe we need to smile more. Maybe we just need a good mud mask.

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