Staging a Comeback

by arianne

Hi folks! Are you still out there?


Ok, so its been over a year since my last post. When we brought home that puppy, we had no idea that this time the next year we would have another child (almost 2 months old now!) and have moved to Chicagoland (say wha? the Midwest?). What will this year bring? Hopefully a little less with the massive life changes, and a little more with the slo-mo living.


Why the comeback you ask? Its simple. I want free stuff. For a lot of the giveaways I’m seeing, you have to have a blog to win. Yeah, I also have been slowly mustering up the energy and desire to return to my blogger persona, and certain mommy bloggers have been so inspiring that I can’t help but want to start writing again, but its mostly the free stuff.


Since its been over a year, I’m sure I no longer have any readers, but that’s ok! I write for me! Who cares if I ever get any comments! Ha.


My blogroll was woefully out of date, so I dumped most of it and will rebuild it as I have time. Hope to see ya around.


*Cicada photo included as another thing I would have never anticipated. Why oh why didn’t someone warn me?

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