Too Much Information

by arianne

Recently I was at the gym, listening to my “workout jams” playlist and enjoying my Glamour magazine. I was on the elliptical machine and realized I really was more comfortable than normal.


Why you might ask? I was going commando!


I had been in a hurry when leaving the house and didn’t remember to put underwear in my gym bag. So, when I was in the locker room changing into my workout gear, I decided to keep the one pair I had “clean” and try the workout without wearing them.


It felt great! I liked it because not only was it breezy and much cooler, I didn’t have annoying panty lines in my yoga pants.


As I’m swooshing back and forth on the machine, realizing this commando thing might be a new routine for me, I start looking around at the people around me. The more booties I see, the more I notice other people have discovered this commando (or at least thong) thing too. No one else has panty lines either! I don’t have to feel weird!


The more people I see like this, I go from being relieved to being annoyed. Sure its great that other people are doing what I’m doing, but why hasn’t anyone told me about this? All this time I’ve been stuck with panty lines at the gym and NO ONE mentioned that I could just loose the Hanes, since EVERYONE is doing it. Isn’t it enough that I get left out of the cool parties in high school, now I’m left out of the Commando At The Gym Club?


Its almost as bad as recently finding out that everyone is getting rid of their hair down there, along with their underwear. No one told me about that one either!


At least I’m not the one with my butt sweat showing…that will NEVER be cool.

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