8 Minutes in the Morning

by arianne

Yesterday Hubs and I had a “Border’s Date”. We had a babysitter for a couple hours and decided to go troll the aisles at Border’s, get coffee and read through a bunch of books we had no intention of buying. We were in the fitness and health section (which was WAY to crowded for my “don’t do what everyone else does” self). Hubs is working on looking like an Abercrombie and Fitch model so we were looking at the books that teach you how to be buff. I’m interested in just getting any muscle at all, so I was looking at the “Be Fit While You Sit” type books. I came across a book called “8 Minutes in the Morning: How You Can Lose 2 Pounds Per Week” or something like that. I was so excited, and I will admit that I BOUGHT it. It’s actually pretty good. Especially the part where it told me to take Sundays off, since I didn’t want to get too crazy and start the program right away. I started thinking about this whole “8 Minutes in the Morning” thing, and decided its an absolutely genius concept. What other kinds of things can we schedule this way? Here are some ideas, and you can feel free to steal them (unless you make money in which case I expect hush money):


“8 Minutes in the Morning: Get Your Degree in 10 Short Years”


“8 Minutes in the Morning: Crank Call Your Way to a Happier You”


“8 Minutes in the Morning: Become a Socialite in One Short Week”


“8 Minutes in the Morning: How to Get Pregnant”


“8 Minutes in the Morning: Making Sure You Don’t Kill Anyone Today”


“8 Minutes in the Morning: Its Ok To Just Lay There”


Share your ideas with me…I think this series could be even huger than those “Chicken Soup….” books!

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