by arianne

I recently discovered a fantastic source for new music, a blog called Stereogum. Definitely check it out if you like discovering music that is less Ashlee Simpson and more The Shins, but aren’t afraid to cop to liking Kelly Clarkson.


While finding Stereogum, it was revealed to me that people like myself, my husband, and our friends, might actually have a name. Enter the Indie-Yuppie. In this article from the NY Post, Indie-Yuppies are described as such:


“Meet the new yuppie: the urban striver who listens to “O.C.”- approved indie rock, checks the right blogs to find out about “secret” rock shows, considers white iPod earbuds the ultimate fashion accessory – and is a lawyer with a mortgage and a baby on the way.”


If you have baby barf on your Strokes “vintage” tee, you bought your BMW for the iPod connector, you throw words like ‘fo shizzle’ and ‘sucka’ into your otherwise white suburban vernacular, or you own the movie Garden State, you might be an indie-yuppie too.


Read the rest of the article right Here

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