Gift Ideas

by arianne

Only three weekends left before Christmas and I have barely begun to think about what I am going to get people. Unfortunately it won’t be much since this is the tightest Christmas we’ll ever have.


I thought I’d do my service to you, Internet, and share some ideas.


The Charlie Brown Pathetic Tree. It hold such nostalgia, such peace. Its also cheap enough to be your actual tree if necessary. Believe me, if people come over and see this tree your presents will be SO much nicer. Its the pathetic factor.


For those searching for answers to the meaning of life, or just the answer to “white or wheat?”, there’s something as well: Answer Me Buddha not to be outdone by Answer Me Jesus. Like a Magic 8 Ball, except all knowing. I can’t believe JC lost a bet and got stuck with pink. Buy both and see if they get along on your shelf.



Finally, we have the crowd favorite. You know him well, its Randolph The Butt Nosed Reindeer. This one’s a winner folks. A real giver. Get him while he lasts!



All items can be found at Urban Outfitters

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