The Girl Who Cried Gas

by arianne

Imagine this: you are sitting on your living room couch and you are freezing cold. You think to yourself, “why haven’t I called the gas company to turn on the furnace yet?”. Next you think, “why hasn’t The Hubs called the gas company to turn on the furnace yet? Yeah, that’s it. Let’s blame him!” Next thought, “It will take the gas man a week to come out and light the pilot light. By then you and your children will be icicles and that’s no good.” Final thought, “Let’s call the gas company and tell them you smell gas. Yeah! That will get them out here ASAP. When they get here the smell will be mysteriously gone and they can just light the furnace. I’m brilliant!”


And so it was. What happened next? The gas guy showed up an hour later and found an ACTUAL gas leak. Also, a leak in the vent. What does that mean? Not only do we have no heat, but now we have no hot water until the landlord fixes the problem. FUN! Exciting! So hilarious!


What is the moral of this story? If I had never cried wolf/gas, we would have hot water tonight. However, we would also have a gas leak we didn’t know about. I can’t figure out the lesson in this tragic comedy, except that GOD THINKS ITS FUNNY TO MESS WITH ME.

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