Listen Up, This is Deep

by arianne

I feel renewed after a week long leadership conference in San Diego. Things don’t feel so hopeless, and peace of mind is priceless. I understand now that when bad things happen, either caused by me or out of my control, they do not have to define my experience of Life. I know that I am on this journey of life and only need to take as many steps as I can each day. Some days will have more steps, others will have less.


One of the many things I was able to experience during the seminar was fundraising for a non-profit which helps homeless people. The challenge: we had a window of time of about 5 hours to “collect” various items like 80 towels, 80 blankets, 20 sets of dishes, 10 gallons of indoor paint, etc., as well as a goal of raising $24,000. There were 160 of us and we could not use any of our own money. We managed to get donations from all the local stores (Home Depot, local hotels, etc.) and raised OVER $103,000! It was fantastic and was one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. We helped so many people, in just 5 short hours, imagine what we could do if we focused on things like this more often?


I heard quoted this beautiful prayer:


May I become at all times, both now and forever, a protector for those without protection, A guide for those who have lost their way, A ship for those with oceans to cross, A bridge for those with rivers to cross, A sanctuary for those in danger, A lamp for those without light, A place of refuge for those who lack shelter, And a servant to all in need.-Tibetan Prayer


What impact will you make on your community, your world, in your lifetime and beyond?

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