No Worries

by arianne

I left Charlie’s room when he was winding down watching Mulan, assuming he would magically fall asleep for his nap all by himself. This was a really good assumption since its never happened in his entire life, and since he rarely takes naps at home any more. I’m a dreamer, so sue me.

While in the kitchen I start hearing “Mommy! Mommy!” in a screaming, terrified little voice. I rush in there, thinking something really bad has happened like he dripped some water on his leg or the movie went to a commercial.

I get in there and he is crying and crying. He says to me, “Mommy! I worried about you!”.

Now, this is of course an adorable thing for a three year old to say. But it means SO MUCH coming from this three year old.

Up until two months ago, he NEVER verbally expressed emotion to us other than the ever obvious tantrum-screaming-at-the-top-of-your-lungs-kind. Now, since starting at his new ABA-based therapeutic preschool, we are meeting a new Charlie, or rather, getting reacquainted. This is the Charlie we knew before he regressed at 24 months, but was non-verbal back then anyway. I’ve heard things like, “I missed you mommy” “I mad” “I crying” “That’s not funny” and now “I worried about you”.

::heart melting::

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