Man Crush/Girl Crush

by arianne

This morning on the Today Show they had a segment on whether or not man crushes exist. They defined it as a (platonic) crush a straight man has on another man. They also discussed the fact that girl crushes exist. They interviewed 15 (yeah, HUGE sample) men in NYC, asking them if they have a man crush, and if they think they exist. ALL of them said no, they don’t have one, but yeah, they “probably” exist.

The most obvious thing to me while watching this segment was that all the men questioned acted like “no way! of course not!” when asked if they had a man-crush, like some crazed homophobes. Of course, we all know that man-crushes and girl-crushes most definitely DO exist, and there’s nothing wrong with them.

I’ve had a girl-crush on Jennifer Garner for at least 5 years now. She is lovely and adorable and used to date my secret boyfriend, pictured above*.

*Yay! An excuse to post a pic of Michael Vartan! Wheee!

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