Life Choice

by arianne

I thought just commenting on another blog post would get this absurd NYT article out of my system…I was wrong. daddytypes mentioned it too and (even though we agree) got me all riled up again.

One of the brilliant people the NYT interviewed for this piece (of shit) has this little gem to share:

“Christopher Peruzzi, 39, of Freehold, N.J., has also had to dodge baby strollers – especially those that are “double wide or triple long” – usually in stores, and he doesn’t like it either. “They’re blocking off products you want to get to,” he said. “I find this particularly annoying in Barnes & Noble and Walden Books. I’m here to read. I’m not here for your kid to slam into me.”

How horrible for these mothers with children in strollers to be BLOCKING the products he wants to get to! I hope he wasn’t forced to pry open his self-hating mouth and bleat an “excuse me”, so he could continue READING at B&N. Dear lord.

And more:

“Traci Anderson, 36, of Groton, Conn., who is married and said she has decided not to have children, agrees that the issue runs deeper than taste. Often, while trying to pass someone with a large stroller, she has seen the parent acknowledge her presence but make no attempt to move. And that, she said, begs the question of whether they believe people with children have a special claim to sidewalk space. ‘My choices and what’s important to me shouldn’t be seen as any less important in the grand scheme of things,’ Ms. Anderson said.:

First of all, has this woman ever noticed if perhaps it MIGHT be easier for her to take a wee little step to the side instead of the stroller backing up or turning and going around her? Does she really hate her life so much that she has to pick on other peoples’ choices, while claiming that even their presence in front of her, while in possession of a stroller, imply she is less important?

Just as there are RUDE people that happen to use strollers, there are also apparently RUDE people who are jealous and regretting their own “life choice”. I know not all people who choose not to have children don’t think like these people, but these dolts sure are the loud ones.

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