Prodigal blogger…

by arianne

I’ve been thinking about blogging all week. The problem is that for some reason I got it in my head that my “comeback” should be about something remotely interesting. Funny things happen, I don’t blog, I forget the details, blah blah blah. I haven’t been able to pull together enough thoughts for an interesting comeback post. I mean, where do you begin when you’ve been AWOL for over 4 months?

So, today I decided to let go and and just say “hi” internet. Long time no blog.

Of course, many things have happened in the last 4 months, but I doubt I’ll ever go into detail. The main reason for my absence is mostly b/c my special needs son began intensive therapy of one kind or another, 5 days a week. I wish it was more adventurous or romantic than “dude have I been busy”. The only slightly non-normal thing is this: we own two cars and both were involved in accidents within a month of each other, the second one totaled. Thankfully no injuries but MAN what an inconvenience.

I’ll be around more.

Missed ya.

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