by arianne

2004 was a year of ups and downs for me. It started out with massive morning sickness, continued with partial bed rest due to pregnancy complications, moved on to intense pain from more pregnancy complications, next was an amazing and empowering childbirth, then, finally, a sad but meaningful diagnosis. I think back, and I can’t remember a year when I didn’t leave it feeling “that was another great year!”. So, this end of year feeling that it was one of the worst (the birth of my second baby saves it from that fate just a teensy bit) years yet is a first for me. Its weird, I used to be an optimist. I’m sure that my feelings that 2004 sucked, are due in no small part to the fact that the end of the year was so brain numbingly difficult. Its seriously got to get better folks. Right? I know it could always be worse, but let’s just all hold hands and pretend that it won’t be, K?

We meant to start the New Year off by going to the Rose Parade. We used to live 5 min from the parade route, now about 20 min, still close enough to drive by the freaks camping out last night along the parade route. It was POURING RAIN and those die-hards still stuck around. All the businesses along Colorado board up their place like they think the Lakers are winning or something. Its a pretty interesting sight. I would have pics to show how cool it looks, but that would take forethought and planning and um….let’s just stop right there.

I was getting excited thinking about all the people, flower and band watching that would be had. However, per usual, Charlie sucked the life out of yet another evening, and we decided against making us all wake up early (having had nada in the form of sleep) this morning. Instead I Tivo’d a couple different telecasts of the parade and was able to fast forward through the boring parts (like any time any commentator on any channel opened their mouth). I should also mention (confess?) that I did indeed spend my New Year’s Eve and Day with my lover (who I’ve decided is now latin), Senor Tivo (and oh yeah my family). He allowed me to watch the countdown in New York after The Hubs said “Oh, its 9:01. Did you want to watch the NY countdown? Was I supposed to tell you when it was time? Oops.” Senor Tivo saved our marriage yet again. It took lots of champagne to get through last night. Isn’t that supposed to be a celebratory drink? By the time we were having fun and giggling it was 2:30am, I was falling asleep and The Hubs was googling his old boss (to make fun of him, why else!) and learning about Shiatsu.

My latin lover also made it possible to watch the parade this morning, especially the float with the kittens in a basket (they ALWAYS have one of those!) at least three times. I was disappointed, not only because we couldn’t go to the parade, but also because the marching bands were all white people. No bands with black people that have cool dance moves. None. The white people got no moves! I love watching the band majors do their thing as the band sort of dances instead of marches. Why were all the bands white? I mean, they had Costa Rican groups and Hawaiian groups, but no marching bands made up of black people. Oh and bagpipers? Also no-shows.

See this post from someone talking about how 2005 looks good. She’s so right, and I’m totally loving the anal-ness of that kind of thinking. 2005 does look much more balanced as a number. So perfectly symmetrical. That can only mean good things, people!

So all this to say Happy New Year, let’s hope next year is better. As long as I have Senor Tivo I know I’ll be happy (or at least not too bored).

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