And So It Is

by arianne

I’m finally getting around to informing you, Internet, about the latest on our special needs two year old son, Charlie. Other than being one of the 3 cutest little boys on the planet (the others being Charlie’s 3 month old brother Jamie and the boy who plays “Peter” in Finding Neverland), Charlie was diagnosed last week with Asperger’s Syndrome as well as PDD-NOS. Both are mild (high-functioning) forms of Autism.

This diagnosis is not news, the Hubs and I have suspected this for a while but we were not taken seriously by our pediatrician, Dr. Loser, et. al. All I can say is, if you know in your gut that something is wrong, seek help. Ignore people who say “Oh that’s totally normal” and do research and educate yourself. We will be getting Charlie into various therapies and schools, and are still considered to be in the “early intervention” stage, but we seriously knew about this a year ago, if not from birth.

Despite the fact that we knew about this, its still been a major shock hearing the actual words come out of an actual professional’s mouth. As long as no one diagnosed him, it was as if it wasn’t really happening or would just go away. Denial is a safe place to be sometimes.

As for me, the developmental psychologist who diagnosed Charlie is also recommending therapy for me. She has this silly idea that being 3 months postpartum and parenting an autistic child might be stressful. I’ve been having depression and anxiety and been hoping it would just go away. Maybe I was just PMS’ing? Maybe I was tired? Apparently not. Its going to be very hard getting used to opening up to a total stranger, but I’ll deal.

Thanks everyone for all the amazing support we’ve gotten in the last few days. You guys are gold.

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