On The Down Low

by arianne

Ok, so it was suggested by a certain extremely brilliant and handsome person we shall call Jacob (because that’s his name) that I take my blog and GIT OUT. He wanted me to take the blog a tad underground so that any newbies that see our email address and curiously enter the domain name in their browser aren’t horrified by my less than perky blog. Anyone who knows anything about Blogger won’t really have that much of a hard time finding the blog’s new home, but we aren’t worried about people who know anything about Blogger. We are worried about certain people we know in “real life” who may or may not be offended by my slightly opinionated stance on politics and in-laws. This includes new bosses since the old ones are complete fart faces who don’t even know how to treat employees much less figure out what a blog is (we were never worried about the old bosses reading the blog, but I never said anything bad about them, just in case).

Unfortunately for you, Internet, I now have free reign to bitch about my in-laws as much as i want…nay NEED.

I hope you can read this now without cringing, Hun!

P.S. Update your blogroll, yo.

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