Happy news!

by arianne

Some happy news here in the Bungalow (since we moved its now technically a cottage, but I digress) that has been really needing some happy news. The Hubs got a fabulous job offer last night that had me screaming so loud I startled the little butterball I was holding. This new job, although in Hollywood (which is about an hour away with traffic, and there’s ALWAYS traffic), is just about the best job offer oh let me think EVER.

The salary is almost 50% more, the hours are SOO much better (I don’t think I’ve mentioned on here Hubs’ current employer but let’s just say being a manager means next to NOTHING when it comes to schedule) and he won’t be working any more weekends! WAHOO! We may just start thinking we are normal if we aren’t careful.

Those of you who know us personally AND read this blog (there are so few of you…I don’t like to spread the word to the family about my little venting medium here) please keep this new job thing under wraps a bit, We need to break the news softly to certain people that tend to be just a TAD judgmental if you get my drift. Apparently you are supposed to stay with the first person who hires you out of college, work your tail off for them thanklessly, shove yourself into that doormat-shaped little box and retire from said company getting some piddly little retirement. Because its so irresponsible to get a higher paying job with a company that won’t expect you to be in that little doormat box for the rest of your days! How DARE you want to make a better life for your family! This is all because you took a vacation last summer, isn’t it? This is because you didn’t volunteer to work late for no pay, isn’t it? You are such a loser you should be THANKING your boss for making you work every weekend! It will all pay off in the end! Loser!

Digressing again…

One of the other reasons this new schedule is so great is because the Hubs will be home at Charlie’s bedtime to take care of Jamie while I take the 5 billion hours it takes to get Charlie into bed. Its really hard to take 5 billion hours to get one kid into bed and expect the other kid to feed himself (especially when it involves someone else’s boob), change his own diaper, rock himself, schedule his favorite shows on Tivo all by himself and be shocked at the scary things they do on The Rebel Billionaire all by himself. Its not fair and may I add a tiny bit stressful for me to be in two places at once, especially since the California wackos haven’t figured out cloning yet.

So yeah! Big time happy dances going on over here.

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