I’m a sucker for the schmaltz!

by arianne

We need to seriously talk about the tear jerking, nay SOB INDUCING show that is Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Have you people watched this show? Its the most heart wrenching and soul moving show I’ve ever watched. Its a million miles away from realty gone bad shows like The Swan or My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss.

They makeover people’s homes but don’t stop there. They go way above and beyond any other design show by throwing in top of the line furniture, appliances, computers, etc. There’s also the occasional $50,000 COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP too. Yeah, its that good. There’s no way this show has a budget unless its well over $500,000. I mean, they can’t get EVERYTHING donated.

Every single week I am crying my eyes out at not only the sad stories of these families, but the amazing things that this show does for these people. Throw in watching the family’s reaction to their new life, and I need to buy stock in Kleenex.

Tonight’s episode was a special 2-hour one. Twice the crying! Hooray! First of all it made me feel really bad for complaining earlier today. I mean, we have our struggles, but at least Charlie isn’t autistic AND blind. And at least Jacob and I aren’t deaf on top of it. Yes, that was the sad story of the family in need on tonight’s show. This one even brought tears to the hubs eyes. Of course, the autistic son hit way too close to home, so we were already at a ball of mush disadvantage.

This boy (Lance) is “worse” than Charlie by far, but there were many similarities between him and Charlie that struck a nerve with us. Plus, the whole design crew did all kinds of special things for Lance’s sensory issues and blindness. They made a special playroom just for him that looked exactly like the occupational therapy gym that Charlie goes to. It would be life changing to have a room like that in our house. This family knew how life changing it was and they turned into a big puddle when they saw the playroom. It was so sweet and REAL. No annoying “I want to be on TV” people here, people.

Its all access schmaltz and I can’t get enough. Actually, I take that back. Once a week is enough…I’m emotional enough on my own.

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