Seeing Red at the speed of Mach 10

by arianne

Ok, now that I’m back to the land of the living (a.k.a. high speed internet) I can finally blog about the election. Then we can all move on with life.

I got a call on Tuesday (she left a message) from someone working the polls. She said that she noticed I hadn’t voted yet and wanted to know if I needed a ride and/or a babysitter so I could go vote. I thought that was pretty impressive, especially since such effort was going into getting the GOP voters to the polls here in LiberalLand, USA. I felt kinda bad that I didn’t get to tell her that I had already voted but it was by absentee. I don’t want to let down my peeps.

I felt such intense relief on Tuesday night. My emergency terrorist attack kit can still be ready to go, but now I won’t have to keep it in my living room, available at a moment’s notice (like I would’ve if Kerry won). Also I don’t have to listen to TAY-RAY-ZA or look at her hair for four years. Wow, what a relief.

Take a look at this breakdown of the country election results by county. Pretty amazing what a red country we are. Of course, I relate much more to blue state people in all the other ways besides politics, so I’m not exactly red or blue. Like my mom quipped today, “does that make us purple?”.

Here is a superb article from a woman I really admire. Please take a look, it will make you think and, if you are like me, continue the little jig you’ve been dancing ever since Tuesday.

I’m almost through here with election prose, but not as through as Michael Moore. Yes, he’s through. What more message could the country send? Anyway, he still is managing to be a completely un-funny butt wipe. He’s so pompous, when I read his “election response” I threw up in my mouth a little. Yes, he makes me heave more than morning sickness ever did. And that’s before I look at him. Blech.

But did I mention YAY!!!? As Dan Rather said on Tuesday (albeit about something else, some other senate race or something), we beat Kerry like a rented mule! Yes! It makes no sense! But can I get a AWWWWWW YEAH!

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