Married Up

by arianne

Just a quick post this time.

My opinion is that Bush lost the first debate on style, the second had Bush winning with a slight edge, and this third one Bush blew Kerry away.

All the bible quoting Kerry did will lose him votes from those people that complain that Bush talks too much about God [but who will they vote for? Nader I guess.]. I can’t BELIEVE he brought up Cheney’s lesbian daughter. Bad form. More lost votes.

Also, “married up”? This probably won’t sway votes but it was nice to see Kerry eating some crow. It seemed like he initially said it to be funny, that all three of them had married up since their women are so much better then they are…but it turned into a really big funny since Kerry has gotten a lot of flack for marrying rich women.

All in all I found the debate rather boring…in fact I’m already bored with this post.

Oh, and by the way? Plan, plan, plan.


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